Acknowledging the Website,
Conditions of Use, and
Bibliographic Sources

Acknowledging the Website

If a user chooses to download images from this website, it would be appreciated if an acknowledgement is given citing the title of the website

Conditions of Use

The images on this website are primarily for educational and non-commercial purposes. They are provided for the personal use of students, teachers, scholars, and the general public. Some of these images are copyrighted (usually indicated on the notes accompanying the relevant images), and persons wishing to use copyrighted images for their own purposes are advised to contact the copyright holders directly. The authors of this website cannot be held responsible for any infringement of copyright, and have made every effort to contact original sources for permissions.

Bibliographic Sources

In many cases, the sources we have used are available in at least several, if not most, major research libraries, particularly those with large collections of Africana and related subjects. In the case of items, such as rare books, which have a more restricted distribution, we have usually acknowledged, under each image, the library or repository from which we have obtained the image; this is not to be understood, however, that this is the only library where the image is located. Beyond the information we provide on the website, we intentionally provide no additional information on the location of sources. Please do not write us for library locations. Users interested in obtaining hi resolution images from the original sources are advised to locate the sources themselves through conventional searches of, for example, the on-line catalogs of major university or public research libraries or WorldCat/OCLC.